Policies & Procedures

Christian School of Dance
Policies and Procedures


The completed registration form and fee of $20.00 must be received before any student may begin classes.



  • All tuition fees are non-refundable.
  • Tuition is due by the 1st of each month.
  • Tuition has been prorated for the entire dance year.  Full tuition is due each month regardless of the holidays.   Full Tuition is due each month whether your child takes class that month or not.  No Exceptions.
  • There will be a $35.00 surcharge applied for any returned checks and the only acceptable future methods of payment will be cash or card.
  • Your child’s tuition account must remain in good standing in order for your child to participate in dance class, spring recital, etc.


Dance Classes

  • Christian School of Dance reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, combine, or change dance class times due to low class enrollment and recital purposes. We will try our best to accommodate every child and their parents in the event that this must occur; however, we do require a minimum of 5 students to maintain a class.
  • Dance tuition will not be prorated due to absenteeism.


Class Attire & Regulations

  • Pink or Black leotard and Beige, Pink, or White Tights are required for ballet and lyrical classes.  Students may wear ballet skirts and leg warmers.
  • Pink or Black ballet shoes are required and laces must be tucked into ballet shoes.
  • Any color leotard and Jazz pants can be worn for Jazz classes. Jazz shoes are optional.
  • Pink or black tap shoes are required for tap classes.
  • Hair must be fastened securely away from face and off the neck. No scarves, hair rollers, etc are to be worn during classes.  Do not wear big jewelry, necklaces, watches etc.
  • Place students name inside each shoe and dance bag.
  • Christian School of Dance does sell dance attire through Revolutions. Visit the front desk for additional information.



  • Costumes are ordered in April/May for the spring dance recital. Costume payment is due in full by April 1st in order to allow ample time for processing, shipment, distribution, and completion of any needed alterations.
  • Christian School of Dance is not responsible for any costs associated with alterations. The responsibility of making arrangements to complete any necessary alterations to costumes is that of the dancer’s parent or guardian.
  • Costume payments are non-refundable. If your child discontinues dance class and you have already made your costume payment, you will still receive the costume. We will contact you by phone or mail when the costume arrives and you may pick it up from our studio location.
  • The costumes usually range in price from $55.00-$85.00 EACH. These costumes are ordered from various companies and are only available in standard sizes. Although each child’s measurements are taken, the costumes are not custom-made to fit each child.
  • Your child’s dance costume will not be ordered if your child’s dance tuition account is not in good standing.


Class Pictures and Dance Recital

  • Christian School of Dance holds an annual recital to feature all dancers and give them an opportunity to show what they have learned over the dance year. The tentative recital date is June 22nd.
  • After costumes arrive, each class will have a photo taken in their costumes. Recital picture week is usually held in the spring. The exact dates will be announced. The photographs are taken during your child’s regular dance class time. Tuition is not prorated due to pictures.
  • Participation in class pictures and dance recital is optional. However, if you do not purchase the class costume by the given date, your child will not be permitted to participate in pictures or recital.
  • Individual and group pictures taken by Christian School of Dance events may be used for advertising purposes.
  • Purchased recital tickets cannot be returned for cash value, tickets may only be exchanged for other tickets of the same value.  Recital tickets cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.


Studio Holidays & Closings

  • Christian School of Dance DOES NOT follow the CMS school closing schedule. 
  • CSD Inclement weather closings will be emailed, text, and posted on website & social media site.  We DO NOT follow CMS inclement weather closings. Make up classes due to inclement weather will be determined by the director. Tuition will not be prorated.


Studio Etiquette

  • Dancers are expected to maintain professional classroom etiquette at all times. Please respect the property of the Christian School of Dance.  Excess noise or loitering can be cause for removal. 
  • Chaperones are required for other children inside the studio at all times.
  • We at Christian School of Dance hope that dishonorable student conduct never becomes a problem. We require and deserve respect in the classroom as any event hosted or attended by Christian School of Dance.  
  • Christian School of Dance reserves the right to suspend students from the studio for dishonorable behavior. We do not foresee a student’s behavior becoming a problem to the extremes listed above. However, in the event this does occur, we must be prepared


These policies have been put into place to ensure that Christian School of Dance runs smoothly and each child has a pleasurable experience throughout the year. We hope you will refer to this page as a guideline to answer any question that may arise. Your child’s experience at Christian School of Dance is fun and rewarding.


Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to teach the art of dance to your child.